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IVF in Europe

IVF in Europe is a website dedicated to helping you make the right decision about having IVF outside of UK.

And why would you consider doing that? The NHS provides great fertility treatment for free. They are welcoming, supportive, expertly trained and up to date... so what’s the problem? Well. The waiting list for one. And then there’s where you live!

So what do you do? You could be faced with waiting up to two years for your one free cycle or paying through the nose to go to a private clinic. Those of us who can’t afford a private fertility treatment have to wait and have our insides grow two years older, and those who are fortunate to afford private seem to get royally ripped off. Fertility is a huge business. One that has a perfect sales formula. What price to have children? They charge what they like. We pay whatever it takes..

The post code lottery system for NHS fertility treatment is just crazy. Depending on where you are in the country, you can have treatment only once, or 3 times, maybe if you are over 35 yrs old, only if you are both non-smokers etc.. It’s very random and very unfair.

So here’s where you are at. You’ve done the fertility investigations and you’ve got to the point where we know IVF is the only way forward. So now what? What choices do you have? Where do you go? What can be done to save money? Is Harley Street the only option?

So here’s where this site might help. I set this up as I went abroad for treatment and couldn’t waste all this knowledge I had gained. I found the clinics outside of the UK refreshing, perfectly acceptable, set up for English speaking patients and much CHEAPER. If you are clever and use your common sense, you could save valuable time and money by looking abroad.

I hope you get something out of this site and I sincerely hope your fertility journey works out for you, as I know that it’s taken you a very long & painful time to find a website like this.

Warmest regards,

Author & Owner, IVF in Europe

p.s. Please note - this site does not give any personal recommendation to any particular clinic or country, as it’s a very personal choice as to where to go. Nor does it give you any professional medical advice – there’s no substitute to getting clear professional advice about your specific situation – I can give you my pub theory on how it all works, but you are better off asking a pro.